Posting from the iPad

Trying to post from the iPad using Safari. Hmm, right away there is a problem. I can’t use the WYSIWYG editor. Crap, that is a serious limitation. Oh, well, No bullet points today. Lets look at the keyboard. For some reason the folding case i purchased never showed up, so I am propping up the iPad on pillows, lying in bed. Some of the characters are automatically fixed like the word can’t automatically gets an apostrophe. However, I see not all of the I characters got fixed. Let’s also didn’t get fixed in a previous sentence.

I wonder if the speed of typing plays a role. Missspellings are not flagged in red, which is really really really dangerous for me.

The accuracy of the keyboard is pretty good and i am typing fairly quickly. I don’t see how to make caps lock. Plus, i don’t like that i need to click three times to make a + sign. Three totally different click locations too.

I’ve used the notes program as well, which works ok, but its still like typing with mittens on. I can feel my left hand starting to hurt from carpal tunnel. I’ll have to cut this short, but i don’t think i will be posting from my iPad again.

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Have you updated to latest IOS? I have to say the first thing I learned from iPhone is that I had to learn how to use the touch keyboard, but now it’s totally easy! Btw, how are you doing?

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