Preparing for a presentation

How long do you prepare for a presenation?

I usually like to start thinking about the presentation 1-2 weeks in advance.  Hopefully, I have a decent slideshow prepared, but the details rarely come into focus until this 1-2 week period.

I’ve been thinking about the ExtJS conference that I am speaking at next Wednesday.  I want to tie together UX principles with ExtJS specifics, probably by using the Marketo application as a case in point.  The hard part is flipping between Powerpoint and the application.  It’s one hour, so I need to choose which slides carefully.  Right now, I have too many.

This time is really productive for me.  I run through the ideas in mind, slowly assembling them like a WIndows 95 defrag program.  The ideas are sorted and cleaned and put neatly in place.  Questions slowly get answers:

When you have a presentation, you should also let yourself practice passively for a week or two.  You will find that you are more comfortable and have more coherent thoughts.  Don’t just wait until the last minute and wing it.

One reply on “Preparing for a presentation”

As far as flipping from demo to presentation, how about taking a clue from the increasing use of multiple monitors? Isn’t the screen behind you big enough to be split between PowerPoint and a browser? Perhaps the organizaers can be lobbied to add two screens on stage.

Whatya think?