Product Responsibilities Framework v0.2

Product Responsibilities Framework v0.1

Frameworks for how to organize your product team are sometimes difficult to follow and figure out who does what. Product managers are often given too many job responsibilities and end up being spread too thin.

Lately, I have been thinking about this and wanted to redo my v0.1 framework and add in a few items like Adoption Marketing and Market Demand Research. Plus, I reorganized the structure to make more sense to me.

Take a look.

I believe in open-sourcing this sort of thinking. I don’t have a book, I don’t have a speaking tour. We all live through our jobs and wonder if someone has already thought of a solution to some problem. We all use Google to explore these ideas. It’s up to us to fill Google with useful things.  Here are my thoughts about product development, free of charge.

All I ask in return is never-ending adoration. (too much?)

Anyway, please comment, suggest changes, fork it and share your own. The text is copied here below.

    •  Intelligence
      • Market Definition
        Define a group of people with money and a problem?
      • Competitive Landscape
        What are the current solutions?
      • Opportunity Assessment
        How much money can be made?
      • Market Demand Research
        Define value benchmarks for feature categories
    • Planning
      • Problem Definition
        What are we solving for?
      • Environmental Constraints
        How much time, money and resources do we have?
      • Requirements
        What does the solution need to include?
      • Build, Buy, Partner
        How will we approach the solution?
      • Personas and Use Cases
        Specific cases of specific kinds of people
      • Roadmap Plans
        How will we sequence all of this?
    • Design
      • Solution Definition
        What is the offering?
      • Specification
        Detailed Build plan
      • Usability Testing
        Will the solution actually work in the real world?
    • Communication
      • Offering Definition
        How do we monetize and communicate this solution?
      • Offer Details
        Pricing, packaging, marketing
      • Sales Tools
        Collateral, pitch decks, battle cards
      • Launch Plan
        Training, documentation, support, onboarding
      • Adoption Marketing
        Use marketing techniques to make sure people use your solution
    • Analysis
      • Learning
        How did reality match up with the plan?
      • Usage Analysis
        Who? When? How often?
      • Financial Analysis
        Are we making/saving money as expected? Also win/loss analysis
      • Process Analysis
        Can we improve how we do things?

Enjoy. Let me know if it’s helpful to you.


Whatya think?