Raccoon workers – Unite!

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Ok, first the rant. Comcast is not making my life easy. Neither is DirecTV. Comcast is providing my internet access. They were going to provide phone service too but they wanted to drill holes in the house. What is the point of pre-wiring the house if they want to drill a bunch of holes. All of this is relevant because SBC can not provide telephone service(or DSL) until they finish the access road.

So because the access road isn’t built, and our street isn’t even on Mapblast, I have to get Comcast cable modem internet access. I also got DirecTV so I could get (one day) NFL Sunday Ticket. So pretty much, I missed the whole season, so Sunday ticket is postponed till next year. Also, the HD isn’t working because they screwed up the wiring somehow. And of course, they drilled two holes in the walls because the house is pre-wired for Comcast, not for DirecTV. Are you following so far?

Ok, so now they fixed the internet access, but they say there are still problems. And DirecTV still has to come to the house to fix the cabling issue.

So what does this have to do with Raccoons? Good question. The other night I was building a large garage organizer, so our garage was open. While I was out, Katie said that a raccoon has come into the garage and went behind Missile Command!

Now Missile Command is a giant old-style arcade video game. It actually had stopped working last month related to the move and banging it around.

So the raccoon goes behind Missile Command. Katie is freaking out, thinking that the raccoon will have babies back there. So she watches and waits.

20 minutes later, the raccoon comes out and leaves. Lo and Behold! The Missile Command is working again. Apparently, the raccoon is also a video game repair man! And he makes housecalls too! I should make a website for the raccoon to drum up some more business.

Whatya think?