Random Thoughts 2016

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Hillary Clinton should choose for her VP, Michelle Obama. Two former first ladies! Plus, Michelle is a serious customer. I have no idea who would win, but it sounds good.

Despite winning the most games of any team ever, the Golden State Warriors will not be considered even in the top ten basketball teams of history because they failed to win the championship. It’s similar to when the New England Patriots went undefeated in the regular season but lost in the playoffs. If you don’t win a championship, you suck. Sorry, that’s our monkey brains for us.

If it’s Father’s Day you should write a blog post about your dad. I told my son that and he didn’t seem to care. I realized this morning that I didn’t post about my own dad. Irony is ironical, isn’t it?

What is the the point of contracting the word isn’t or couldn’t? I am literally saving the space. The syllables are the same. It just seems stupid. English is stupid.

Do you think that all (most) people hate being compared to their parents? Is it a generational thing? Why do we hate it so much?

Life would be much better if I could tell the future. Like, srsly better.

My tennis is coming along, but I am still at risk of injuring myself. When you are wary of one part of your body (wrist), you might injure your elbow or leg muscle. It’s driving me crazy.

Growing up (up to 40) I never got sick. In the last 4 years, I have come down with a cold like 3 times. WTF?!

I feel better now. All of these thoughts were clogging up my brain table.


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