Re-buying Lost Books

Sometimes, I lend a treasured book to a friend or even an acquaintance.  Through some happenstance, I end up not getting the book back.  I hate this.  I am one of those people who like to keep the books I have read around because they remind me of what’s inside and also because they make me feel good for having read them.

When a book is lost, I am stuck with a dilemma. Should I re-purchase the book even though I know for certain that I won’t read them again? Then lend the book out and lose them all over again?  Or should I just mourn the loss of the books and try to remember them in spirit.

There is one possibility:  I could print out the cover of each book and paste it to a piece of cardboard.  Although this truly does hold some appeal, it just feels wrong (and a little nuts).  Why don’t these people just return the books?

Do you have books piled away somewhere that you received from someone else and forgot to return?  You would be doing them a real service by returning them.  SPeaking for all those who have lent and lossed, please return the books.  We won’t even charge you a late fee.

One reply on “Re-buying Lost Books”

I have about 10-15 books that I keep because it reminds me of something, but the rest I try to give away to people who will read them. I don’t ask that they return them, but i do ask that they lend it to someone else when they are done. I love the idea of just printing the cover, why waste money. Buy a new book instead.

Whatya think?