Resumes in Design Recruiting

Resumes are not useful for design recruiting.

Glen Lipka, 2021

I spoke with a recruiter today and they asked, “What should I look for in a designers resume?” My answer was “Nothing in their resume will tell you anything useful.” When I am recruiting, I literally do not even glance at it.

  • What if they went to Harvard or Yale or Stanford?
    Doesn’t matter. Are they good problem solvers?
  • What if they have 12 years experience?
    Doesn’t matter. Do they have good design instincts?
  • What if they worked at Google or (ugh) Oracle?
    Doesn’t matter? Are they smart and work quickly?

I just reviewed a candidate who has been working in design for 4 months. Previously, they were a sous chef at a restaurant. Before that, they attended a mediocre University (BA, Sociology). However, when I looked at their work, my eyes popped. It looked beautiful. I wanted to talk to the person who made that.

Would their resume have caught my attention? No, of course not. The work has to speak for itself. This is why a design portfolio is the most important asset of a designer. Who you are and what you can do is not written in text. It’s also why case studies aren’t that important. The work is important. Show the work.

I am not saying that designers should throw away their resumes. Some people require it regardless of efficacy. Hmm, who am I even writing this for? Recruiters? Designers? The world? Myself, I suppose.

Sometimes, I just spit into the wind. Resumes for designers are dumb! (And no one cares) Oh well. What are blogs for, if not to say something that doesn’t matter?

Some of my blog posts feel like this

Other proactive random statements

  • Most (90%) people are bored for most meetings.
  • I think the US should invade Guatemala and overthrow the government.
  • I think “Nation Building” is a great thing and hate that it’s unpopular.
  • I’m worried about a complete collapse of civilization in my lifetime due to global warming and nuclear war.
  • My posture is bad

Ok, this was a weird post. Live with it.

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  1. Sure. It is an example of typography and information layout (mostly for print). I’m mainly complaining about the content of the resume.

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