Snowed In

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We were scheduled to fly out of JFK on Saturday, but 30 inches of snow conspired to keep us on the east coast. The first flight JetBlue could reschedule us was Tuesday morning. So we need to get up tomorrow at 5am to pack and get the car to the airport and go over to the airline, check in, etc etc. Im so excited to get up in the middle of the night. (Notice the sarcasm)

The New England Patriots beat Pittsburgh easily and the Eagles trounced the Falcons. So the Superbowl in 2 weeks is Pats vs. Eagles. I think the Pats will win, but Im rooting for Philly. Bill Smell-a-chick (best tease name I could think of on short notice) can kiss my butt. How can such a good coach totally diss the Jets? (He was coach of the Jets for 1 day and quit.)

I need to go home. The weather here is insane. 10 below zero is not normal. We made a snowman. Not perfect, but it was nice. The kids are getting stir crazy, as is their mama. We are going to try and see a movie today.

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  1. I saw this quote and thought of you…

    I like to think
    (and the sooner the better!)
    of a cybernetic meadow
    where mammals and computers
    live together in mutually
    programming harmony
    like pure water
    touching sky

    –Richard Brautigan

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