Baby Internet

Recovered from – Apr 29, 1997 There was a man who once proclaimed that he was shutting down shop. He ran the local Patent Office. He bellowed at the top of his lungs his exasperation, “Everything inventable has been invented. There is nothing more that can be done.” Eighteen months later a man by…Continue readingBaby Internet

Cause du Jour

Recovered from – Apr 24, 1997 With every great society and culture what inevitably happens is that some losers declare themselves to be leaders of the masses. The net is no exception to this rule. These leaders try to rally the masses to follow their lead which usually can be summed up with the…Continue readingCause du Jour

Image is Everything

Recovered from – Apr 13, 1997 OK Let’s map all this out: DATE Search Engine IPO OPEN HIGH CLOSE NOW April 2 Lycos $16 $29.25 $21.94 $17 April 4 Excite $17 $21.25 $20 $14.50 April 13 Yahoo! $24.50 $43 $33 $33 So whats the story morning glory? Whats the tale nightengale? Image. Man, I…Continue readingImage is Everything

Cool Sites (1996)

Recovered from – Apr 11, 1997 I hate cool lists, why am I doing this? Well, maybe you haven’t seen these ones. Trés Chic, mon frère! What do psychos write about? The Unabomber’s Manifesto Drink Java? Go to Gamelan Need more caffeine?? Try LED flavored. Site for women on the Web, and a superhero…Continue readingCool Sites (1996)

BUYOUT! (1996)

Recovered from – Apr 1, 1997 Microsoft sets to buy out Netscape Navigator! In a shocking story, the Wall Street Journal outlined the plans of software behemoth, Microsoft Corp to bypass its internet strategy and attempt a hostile takeover of Netscape Communications. This move will virtually seal, if successful, Microsoft’s internet dominance! Microsoft until…Continue readingBUYOUT! (1996)


Originally posted: March 30, 1996 Netscape released thier Navigator 3.0 into beta here. OK, so now Netscape has a 2.01 release, a 2.0 Gold beta 2 that has a nifty WYSIWYG editor built in, an international version release, about 30 or so plugins and now finally the 3.0 beta codenamed ATLAS. (Ooooh, holds the world up!)Basically…Continue readingNews

Design franchises

Recovered from – Mar 21, 1997 Last week saw two portentious announcements. USWeb announced that it will start a nationwide franchise of internet consulting and web design firms. Compuserve revealed one day later that the online behemoth was planning a web hosting service. The CompuServe plan is less ambitious than that of USWeb, which…Continue readingDesign franchises

Net Losers

Recovered from – Mar 19, 1997 News happens everyday. Today Microsoft did something and Netscape responded with blah blah blah, yadda yadda yadda. Sometimes, like today, the news isn’t that interesting. I am the first one to be shouting out predictions for every news article to hit the Associated Press, but today…who cares if Microsoft…Continue readingNet Losers