For work, I need to edit a file originally made in Adobe inDesign. I have never used it before. I will report my findings. Speaking of Design, I just finished reading Donald Norman’s book, The Design of Everyday things. I also just started another of his books, Emotional Design. The books are fairly well written…Continue readingDesign


When people are having a conversation really close to you, is it rude to eavesdrop? I mean if they are not being quiet and you were sitting there minding your own business, what are you supposed to do? I am sitting in this situation right now. Should I put on my head phones? Scream? Pretend…Continue readingEavesdropping

User Experience

Recently alot of movement has been seen on the User Experience side of the web. 1. has a new Email client on the web using Ajax. It’s features and usability improvements over Outlook are impressive. 2. Lazlo Mail is a flash Email client that is debuting on Earthlink. 3. has a new UI.…Continue readingUser Experience

Internet Explorer Mail / News

Recovered from – Apr 17, 1997 (One of my first design critiques) Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 3.0 is expected to be released in beta in just two weeks. The much anticipated upgrade to 2.0 will include many features NetscapeĀ holds a monopoly over. New functions will include Java support and an integrated email and newsgroup system.…Continue readingInternet Explorer Mail / News