Our whole telephony situation has been in flux.  First, we are sick of Vonage acting like crap.  We are taking our first steps to getting rid of it completely.  Second, we have been sick of Cingular getting crappy coverage.  So we pulled the trigger and got new Verizon phones this week.  It was a surprisingly easy transfer.  Verizon customer service is VERY good.  They were nice and more importantly, they achieved the goals quickly.

Note:  We ported our old numbers over, but we are giving them to Jim and Penny, since they live in 510 and need cell phones.  Katie and I have NEW cell phone numbers.  Both are 650-393-95XX.  Email us to find out the exciting last two digits!

Otherwise, I will call or email everyone to update them.

Finally, I have been trying Skype.  It’s incredibly inexpensive to use, but I am not sure if it’s really useful for us now.  I bought $10 worth of it and will test it out.

Whatya think?