A week or two ago Ethan and Jared were getting ready for bath, both naked. Jared jumps up and lands in Tai Kwon Do ready position and says, “HIyyyaaaa”. Ethan kicks him right in the nuts.

Now, I won’t bore you with my yelling at Ethan, but the interesting thing is the look on Jared’s face. It is this look of confusion and pain and shock. He has no idea why pain like that was happening. It didnt seem harder than what Ethan had done in the past. This was a new and special pain. He didn’t know where it was coming from. He was frozen in this terrible look. Half bent over. Awful.

I explained to them how important testicles are to boys. How special they are. And that it is never ever ever OK to kick them or hit them. They are special. No kicking testicles. They both seemed to understand.

The next week, Ethan kicks one of his friends in a Tai Kwon Do move (in the chest). Again, I got angry, but this time it was about using Tai Qwon Do moves out of the class. I said “No Kicking!”

And Jared jumps up and points his index finger in the air and exclaims, “And No kickin in the testabulls!”

I love my kids. Without them, it’s all meaningless.

Whatya think?