The Jets Fall 2009

Well, it’s over.  It was a great run, but the Jets did what they always do.  They got my hopes up and then lost at the last possible second.  This time they went as fas as Vinny Testaverde did getting to the AFC championship game in 1999.  That was a miracle season too with Bill Parcels.

I felt so drained when they lost.  They put up a great fight, but the Colts were just too good.  Peyton Manning is a master on the field.  He is so in control and confident.  He stays patient and then just cuts you up.

I don’t know how the Jets are going to improve next year.  A better tight end?  They had the number 1 defense, how much better can that get?  That is the scary thing.  I just don’t know how they are going to improve.  Well, you never know.  Next year may be the magic year.  2010.  The year the Jets make it back to the Superbowl.

One reply on “The Jets Fall 2009”

Agreed, it was a good season, with a great playoff run. But there is a lot to improve. First, their #1 defense choked in the 4th quarter at least 4 times. Maybe they get too tired from blizting all game. Maybe they run out of unique lineups and the other teams get used to it. But if they are even going to make the playoffs next year, that needs to change. Also, their passing game was one of the worst in the entire NFL. Look at most of the other teams in the playoffs and they had excellent QBs, Sanchez needs to improve. They also need some defensive linemen that can put some pressure on the QB without the blitz (that was supposed to be Golston, but he is a loss). Get Braylon Edwards some stick-um gloves while we are at it. Let being said, their biggest need they can address through free agency is another CB.

Braylon Edwards is a free agent anyway and they either need to re-sign him or get another deep threat. Vincent Jackson would be a great free agent pick up.

But my free agent pick would be Richard Marshall, Carolina Panthers. His is listed as only the 4th best free agent CB, but I like what they wrote about him (for whatever that means). “Marshall has put up gaudy tackling numbers in his first three seasons, averaging over 80 per season. Starting opposite Chris Gamble, Marshall has actually played very well this season. He hasn’t given up many big plays and come up with a couple picks himself. Marshall loves to get physical and is likely to be rewarded by the Panthers at the end of the season with a long-term deal. ”

As for the draft, my pick is Terrence “Mt.” Cody, nose tackle, Alabama. What a great nickname. Who knows how Jenkins will come back, but really I am basing this on the nickname (although he was 1st team all american).

Will this be good enough? This years colts are one of the best teams ever (undefeated in games that they tried). Will the Jets be 16-0 next year, I say that it looks likely, but I don’t want to be too confident…yet.

Whatya think?