The Little Things Illustrated

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Previously I posted on how the little things are the ones that make/break your product/service.  Here is an illustrated example.

Don’t be fooled. ┬áThis doesn’t mean you can just build the details and forget the big features. ┬áObviously a cup holder without a car isn’t much good. ┬áTable stakes are the big features. ┬áYour product has to do something useful. ┬áHowever, that will not be the reason they love you. ┬áSee the following chart:

You can’t get to love if you don’t travel through great functionality. ┬áHowever, if you don’t bake in wonderful little details they will never love you. ┬áAt best, they will like you.

Why does Love matter?
Love is what makes a user do a video┬átestimonial for you. (Wow, 20 videos. ┬áThat is awesome) ┬áLove is what makes a user willing do give a glowing reference, even though they never do that. ┬áLove is what makes a demo be a grand slam. ┬áLove is what seals the deal. ┬áSales people will say, “It sells itself”. ┬áLove is money. ┬áLove is massive success. ┬áLove is loyalty even if you screw up. ┬áI can’t emphasize this enough. ┬áIf you build an application or service without some wonderful details, you will eventually lose those customers.



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