The Little Things Illustrated

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Previously I posted on how the little things are the ones that make/break your product/service.  Here is an illustrated example.

Don’t be fooled.  This doesn’t mean you can just build the details and forget the big features.  Obviously a cup holder without a car isn’t much good.  Table stakes are the big features.  Your product has to do something useful.  However, that will not be the reason they love you.  See the following chart:

You can’t get to love if you don’t travel through great functionality.  However, if you don’t bake in wonderful little details they will never love you.  At best, they will like you.

Why does Love matter?
Love is what makes a user do a video testimonial for you. (Wow, 20 videos.  That is awesome)  Love is what makes a user willing do give a glowing reference, even though they never do that.  Love is what makes a demo be a grand slam.  Love is what seals the deal.  Sales people will say, “It sells itself”.  Love is money.  Love is massive success.  Love is loyalty even if you screw up.  I can’t emphasize this enough.  If you build an application or service without some wonderful details, you will eventually lose those customers.



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