The Medium is the Message

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What is the best way to watch Monsters vs. Aliens? (neat site by the way)

My choices are numerous:

  1. Imax 3d at Emeryville.  (Or the Metreon).  This would probably be the most interesting way to watch it.  It would be gigantic and THREE-DEE…unless that would be totally annoying.  Is the 3D going to be annoying or not?
  2. Regular 3D in San Mateo.  OK, so I this is just like #1 except smaller? I am not sure why I would want to do this?  Crappy 3D instead of Giant Imax 3D?  I mean, if you are going to go 3D why not go see it on a giant screen too?
  3. Regular old, regular movie in a theatre. This is generally called “Going to see a movie”.  This has been feeling less and less worth the money.  $10 each for the tickets and then another $40 for candy and popcorn.  It’s a really expensive 2 hours.  Plus the screen is barely bigger than my HD Sony.  What is the point?  It’s coming out in a few months on Netflix, so screw it.  I’ll wait.
  4. Netflix. This has been our primary way t0 watch movies for the past few years.  We spend $15 a month, every single month, but we usually get 2-5 movies for that.  The price works.  My TV is HD LCD projection from Sony (46″) so movies look fine.
  5. DirecTV.  This is basically when a movie just doesn’t quite get to the top of my Netflix queue.  It ends up on DirecTV somewhere, hopefully not edited to take out of the good parts.  Either way, I can record it via DVR and watch it whenever I want.  I suppose LIVE versus DVR is another medium, but I will lump it together for expediency.

So in the end, I have ALOT of choices here.  Each one is progressively worse from a cool-ness factor, but also less expensive.  I heard mixed reviews about the actual movie, and I have NEVER ever seen a 3D movie I liked.  It’s usually a of stupid medley of arm thrusts towards the audience or exploding rocks.

I suppose that 3D is the last great hope of the theater industry to keep them relevant.  However, it isn’t going to work.  3D is annoying.  The medium is the message and the message is saying, “Theaters are dying.”


Whatya think?