The Muppets Review (2015)

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I watched the show. Although it was funny in parts and well executed, it just wasn’t the right show for me. It was derivative, basically mocking The Office or 30 Rock. I don’t think my kids thought much of it. It was just a regular show.

To fix it, I would change one core element. Instead of the show revolving around a fictional Ms. Piggy talk show, they should instead have the show be modeled around Saturday Night Live with skit comedy like the original Muppets with musical guests in between. This would make a huge difference. It’s a modern take on the original premise.

The current show just was too depressing and mundane. Kermit and Piggy had no chemistry, it was just sad. Fozzie and his blond girl friend were funny, but not lovable.

Overall, the show depressed me, not because it was terrible, but because it was ordinary. I expect more from the legacy of Jim Henson.


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