The perfect HTML Editor search continues

Still trying out html editors and still not WOWed.

Review so far.
HTML-KIT – This is the most customizable thing I have ever seen. Literally every single thing is editable. The problem is that the UI is so complicated that it is taking me so long to set it up the way I want that I am just giving up. This is too much of a good thing. I can’t use it.

Homesite 5.5 – Always a favorite, but Macromedia has not worked on this program in years. It really is great, but I want it to do more and to get better. Syntax coloring is weak. I guess my main issue with Homesite is “How can no one match/beat this standard editor in the last 6 years?? Is there no one who can challenge?

Dreamweaver 8 – Macromedia puts all their attention in this product. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s better. It doesn’t have the split screen view for documents. It has all kinds of funky wierd stuff making it more like FrontPage than a normal HTML editor. I really wish they would make dreamweaver incorporate the basics of Homesite. That would be ideal.

HTMLPad 2006 – This is so close. I have been using it recently. It has almost all of what I want. I also think the author may be open to adding the few missing features to make it perfect. I am still working out the kinks wit this one, but it is currently my #1 editor. I’d like to see some context menu “selection” options like “convert to unordered list. It may be possible with it. I am working on it.

EvrSoft First Page 2006 – I installed this with high hopes. It has a slick interface. Unfortunately, the program is not fun to use. I don’t know who this is for, but it just doesn’t match the others for customization and features. I am uninstalling it.

AceHTML 2006 – They are actually giving this one away for free. Nice interface, but it just lacks the customization I need. I think this program is too weak for what I need. Uninstalling it.

Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition – If I was working on an ASP.NET app, this cool looks really awesome. But I think if I was doing that I woul duse Visual Studio anyway. I wonder if the JS debugger from Visual Studio is in this. Need to test that. Might be the only reason to have it. I just tested that. It doesn’t. Buh bye.

Ok, I am going to use HTMLPad a little longer and maybe suggest improvements to the author and see where that goes.

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I forgot to include it in the list. I use it alot, but I don’t like it’s support (or lack thereof) of html versus CSS. It’s great for CSS, but doesn’t do it for me for HTML.

Whatya think?