The Roads Taken (and not)

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In every design, you make choices that take you down a road. Sometimes those road leads to peril, other times to victory, usually both. There is no way to know what destiny existed in the other choices. I ask my self those questions all the time. “What if …”

Some decisions are made while our minds are not focused.  Whether we are angry or distracted or just overloaded, decisions often get made in the heat of the moment. I don’t have data to prove this, but I believe those decisions lead to poorer outcomes. It seems to be a good idea to avoid decisions while your brain is overheated. Of course, this doesn’t mean that cold-calculating decisions work all the time.

The truth is that its much harder to topple something than to build it up. Months or years of development can be ruined in a short time. A fight between neighbors or friends leaves a much greater impact than the normal stuff. It’s the human dilemma. We only can live forward in time, there is no going backwards. There are no mulligans.

Right now, I am designing stuff that will lead … somewhere. I am trying to stay focused to optimize my chances of good decisions and outcomes. It doesn’t mean that you should dumb down what you are trying to do, but it might mean that some use cases should be out of scope. Focus is a strategic thing. Use it wisely.

Now I am thinking, “What if I wrote a different blog post?” Hmm…



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