The UX of Geni

This morning I received an email from my cousin that I was added to his family tree on a service called Geni.  It said it was private and I was intrigued so I clicked on the link.  It showed a segment of my family in Flash and immediately satisfied me in multiple ways.  It was personal, accurate, well designed and had a bunch of actions I could click on.  I didn’t need any training.  It presented me with a modal asking for my relations. (Siblings, wife, children, etc).

I added in those people and realized that I had just emailed them with the same email I got from my cousin.  Wow! That was the easiest socialization in an application I have ever seen.  It was better than Facebook or LinkedIn or Twitter.  It was so streamlined.  In the morning, there were just a handful of connections in the tree.  Now there are 43 46 people and growing.  It’s fascinating.  My aunt’s family tree goes back to 1791!

There is obviously a ton of functionality here and I have barely scratch the surface.  However, I have to give A+ marks to Geni for thinking through the completely interaction design including multi-user editing.  I never heard of this thing 12 hours ago, but I predict alot of people will hear of it pretty quickly.

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You are quite right, I just got the email and already a ton of people have been added. What I like is if you change to the “vertical” layout, than when you scroll over a person it flips their card to show their info and how they are related to me. Did you know that Sonia Beninson is your aunt’s 3rd great uncle’s wife (and lived in NY around 1900.Or that Basya Shifrin is your aunt’s 3rd cousin twice removed. It would be fun to able to search for people you know and click on “are you related” and see if you are.

Whatya think?