The UX of Ikes Place

One of my favorite lunches has been at Bon Sante in Burlingame, CA.  I called them Baby Sandwiches.  Not because they were small.  Quite the contrary, they are the size of a small baby!  And they tasted so good.  The chef put love into every bite.  At my new job, there is a place that even exceeds that high bar.  Ike’s Place.  Surprisingly, the place is in a tiny office in a regular office building.  You would no idea unless you KNEW it was there.  Go there at noon and there is a line down the hall.  Call them up and it’s a 90 minute wait.

Check out the names of their sandwiches. Fat Bastard? “Hella” Fat Bastard? We’re JUST Friends.  Check them out seriously.  And what’s with the order?  They just make up the numbers as they go?  They have flair.  Serious and unadulterated flair.  They rank very high in kickassity.

And then taste the sandwich.  Oh.  My.  God.  The bread is redonkulously good.  It’s fridiculous.  I was so happy eating the sandwich.  Then I finished and lo and behold, what pops out of the bag but a big fat cherry Blow Pop.  How can this be?  How can a place be that good?  They make me feel like a kid.  Ike’s kicks ass.

I dare you to eat there and not tell a friend

Whatya think?