The UX of Ryan Carson’s Presentation

I loved Ryan Carson‘s presentation.  Awesome content, and wonderful use of music and video.  I loved it. Here is a summary of the lessons he taught us.  These are 8 things to do to have a remarkable company.

  1. Be Passionate
    1. Remind your team that it matters
    2. Be Opinionated
    3. Blog about it
  2. Love your customers
    1. Physically meet them
    2. Don’t bitch/moan about customers
    3. Use your product every day
  3. Treat your team like royalty
    1. Treat them like they are smart adults
    2. Give them power
    3. Lavish them with praise
    4. Give them nice gear
    5. Be Generous
  4. Give back to your community
    1. Everything is better with a soundtrack
    2. Doesn’t have to be expensive
    3. Twice a year
    4. Blogged, filmed, tweeted
  5. Make Kick-ass Products
  6. Invest in good design
    1. Adds credibility
    2. Increases company pride
    3. Just hire a designer
  7. Be more creative than you need to be
  8. Get good at publicity
    1. Invite only beta
    2. Talk to the junior bloggers
    3. Attend parties for events you can’t afford
    4. Short quick projects
  1. Miss one, you miss them all.
  2. Why do it?
    1. Cheaper recruitment
    2. Lower marketing costs
    3. Pride in your company
  3. What does it cost?
    1. Designers time and salary
    2. Aeron chairs
    3. Big screens
    4. Snacks and lunch
    5. Extra holidays
    6. iPhones
    7. Extra time for creativity

The only thing that itched me was the insistence that you have to do all of them. Of course, doing all of them has a multiplicative effect. However, I think each one of these practices will yield independent benefit.

The value of this presentation were the practices, but I think a separate presentation is required to explain to people how to make this happen in an organization that doesn’t have creative leadership.

Sometimes great ideas make us smile, but then it becomes a challenge to try and make them happen. I believe in grass roots creativity. I think it’s valuable to look at this list and say, “how can I make just one of these things real? Just once. Right now?”

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single creative act.

Whatya think?