The UX of (The Name) JIRA Client

I told a few people about JIRA Client and got a nearly universal response.  They were confused as to what I was talking about.  The confusion, I believe stems from the name of the product.  JIRA has a web interface out of the box.  Some people call the browser in a web application the “client”.  Saying JIRA Client made everyone think I meant the UI of JIRA.  Forget that GreenHopper is another UI on top of JIRA in a browser; that just makes it even more confusing.

One answer for ALM Works (owner of JIRA Client) would be to rename their product to something more memorable and differentiated.  Here are some suggestions:

  1. Jiraffe
  2. Jiranimo
  3. Jiranormous
  4. J-Monkey
  5. JLo
  6. Jirasic Park
  7. Jira
  8. Gyro
  9. Hummingbird
  10. Mockingbird

The last two sorta came out of left-field.  Anyway, the point is that you need to pick a name that is memorable and differentiated.  Don’t pick a name that is bound to confuse almost everyone.  Does your product have a terrible name?  Is it too late to change it?  (Hint:  It’s never too late)

Whatya think?