The UX of the New Discover It Card


I really love Discover.  They are always so nice to me on the phone.  They have real people answer and they don’t try to sell me anything.  There is a cashback bonus that goes directly into a credit in Amazon.  I love it.

Yesterday, I received my new card. See image above.  One reaction: WTF?

Where are the numbers?  Where is my name?  This doesn’t look like a credit card!  It looks like a business card or something.  WTF?

UX Rule #8: Don’t move the cheese.

When I hand this card to a cashier, they are going to get confused.  It’s going to take up my time explaining that it is actually a real credit card.  The numbers go on the front.  That is how a credit card works.  This is different, but not better.  This is worse.

Additionally, there is a strange skeuomorphism happening.  The card is designed to feel like something else.  See the little “it” thumb grabber thing on the right.  That is meant to look like you can pull it out.  You can’t, it’s just designed to look that way.  Why would you make a real-world object look and feel like a completely different real-world object?  It’s like making it look like wood even though its made of plastic.

Maybe if it had numbers on the front, I wouldn’t mind so much.  I love Discover, but this card has horrible UX.

One reply on “The UX of the New Discover It Card”

Welcome to the club! My debit card from INGDirekt, now Chase360 has lost it’s numbers for a while.

The UX of credit cards is something odd. I’m ambivalent about the traditional raised numbers. On the one side I don’t like them, or better I don’t like that their paint wares off so that they become very hard to read (and these days you need your numbers a lot for online purchases). On the other side, they are a handy grab for pulling the card out of my wallet (or is that to be blamed on the wallet’s UX)?

What I gripe the most is that the magnetic strip seems to wear out way earlier then the expiration date of the card. If you make something expire, do so shorter then its shelf life in normal use/storage.

I wonder what happened to the press through card copy boxes in restaurants and at small street merchants? Do the credit card companies have stopped accepting those slips? Have they done so world wide? I’d make sure to have a backup card handy for travel.

Whatya think?