The UX of Trello

Bottom line: (At the top) – Great service, Free and Fun.

What more can I say.  Trello is a small web app that lets you make lists of lists and drag them around.  I use it for my design team to figure out who is working on what.  A tool like JIRA is just too big to handle simple tasks like this.  Trello has a great user interface; it’s fast and has a bunch of features to help you not get bored.

I love that tools like this can be designed, programmed and hosted for the public without anything in return.  Over half a million people use it and they keep adding features. See info on the Trello blog.  I am playing now with the Android app.  Nice work.

The company behind it is Fog Creek Software which makes FogBugz.  I am sure that interest in Trello helps drive FogBugz sales.  I evaluated it a long time ago and regret not choosing it.

Why do I like Trello?
It is the little details.  The way the thing you drag tilts on it’s side.  It’s the little features that make input faster.  The interaction design is excellent.  I like the name, “Trello”.  It makes me think of Jello which is very tasty.  Trello is, more than anything else, quick.  It’s incredibly quick to put a list together and work with it.

It fills me with confidence that cool tools can be created when you use something Trello.  It inspires me in the work I do.  Generally, I don’t want to review without any negatives, but this one is pretty standout.  Ask me if it could be a full blown project management tool and I would have complaints.  However, as a quick list tool, it’s awesome.

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Hi Glen:

Thanks much for the nice review! I like the card tipping too.

Let us know if you need anything.


Dan Ostlund
Fog Creek Software

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