Things 2021

Things I love

  • My Tesla Model 3. It’s the only car I have ever loved.
  • My iPad Pro. I use it 10x every day. It is light and fast. It’s a terrific device. No other tablet compares.
  • Playing Tennis – Especially in the summer
  • Figma – Especially when I can co-design with someone
  • Fiber Internet Access – Whoosh! Better than my first 14.4kbps US Robotics modem

Things I hate

  • Samsung. I can’t believe how horrible that experience was. #boycottSamsung
  • Facebook. I can’t bring myself to say the new name. They are ruining civilization
  • Getting old. Next year I turn 50. Old sucks. I need science to give me a reverse aging pill and bring me back to 25.
  • Career decisions – this is always agonizing and I usually make poor decisions. I should follow the George Costanza rule and just do the opposite of what I think.

Things that scare me

Man, there are too many things that scare me. I feel like the end of the year is a great time to take stock of things.


Whatya think?