TinyMCE and WordPress

Hmm, I seemed to have broken my wordpress editor.  It started with me trying to install the plugin to make the comments allow rich text editing.  This threw an error about some lang function not being there.  The forums weren’t that helpful, but one said to upgrade TinyMCE.  So I gave that a try.  Well, now the comments editor works, but the main post editor is jacked up.


Katie and I cleaned up alot this weekend.  We threw away some old books.  We put artwork on the walls.  Lots got accomplished.

For some reason though, I feel like I didn’t get much accomplished.  Something is eating at me, but I can’t tell what it is.  I am in a funk for some reason.

And this whack-a-doodle editor issue isn’t helping.

One reply on “TinyMCE and WordPress”

Wait until your image upload packs up and you have to disable Flash every time you post. I’m still wishing I’d had made less of a meal of my theme so I could stay up-to-date with the new WP versions. Just not even worth the hassle I doubt.

On a side note; your animated background is very dope.

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