Today is going to be a Birth Day!

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Happy Birthday to Ethan. He is six today. Ethan is so friendly, he says Hi to everyone. I love him so much. His smile lights up my soul. When he hugs me, I feel it to my bones. I remember when we was so little. His first steps. His first two-wheeler bicycling. His first stay at a Florida hospital.

I remember when we were in Boston and he ran for 1/2 a mile without stopping. Then he flirted with two 12 year old girls for 20 minutes. He sang the only song he knew, ABC’s for them. They sang along and eventually invited him to a party. I think he was 2.

His first word was Agim. He was the super of the building Koko worked out of. He smiled at everyone.

Ethan asked me yesterday all of the good laws and the bad laws. I think he understood the concept of civil disobediance. He understood why laws that restricted women from voting were wrong. He thought a progressive tax was a good idea.

Ethan is sunshine. I think of him and the song by John Denver comes to mind. He makes me happy. He makes me feel high.

One day, I hope Ethan reads this and knows how I feel about him. And that will make up for all the times I grounded him.

Happy Birthday my first Boy. My Ethan.

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