Two Thousand and Five

I’m happy to be back at work. The holidays are such work. So without getting into the details…we all had a good time, and I got a cool remote control. 🙂

Something interesting…I was explaining to Ethan what a “year” means. I showed him using his light (on his bedroom ceiling) as the sun. I explained how the earth revolves on its axis (day/night) and how the earth also goes all the way around the light bulb. He seemed to absorb about 10-20%. But at one point I asked, if this is 2005, how many times has the earth gone around the sun since we have been counting?

I then went into the billions of years the earth has gone around the sun in general. But the whole thing got me thinking, Why is this 2005? Because some guy said so a couple of thousand years ago. The Jewish calendar says the year is 5758. Why? Because at some point a few thousand years ago, someone said, this is the way it is. We take so many things for granted. The year, the time, our names, our stations in life, democracy, religion, life/death etc etc etc, because someone said so and we have believed it ever since.

Evaluating our assumptions should be a part of every child’s upbringing, but it isn’t. We evaluate little of our assumptions. I suppose this is the case because it would be anarchy otherwise. Or would it? Hmmmmmmm.

Whatya think?