Unicorn Meat


Recently, at Engagio, I have been talking with customers looking at the details of the different problems (opportunities) to solve. I am looking for a particular situation with the following characteristics:

  1. A task that happens all the time, preferably by lots of people.
  2. Clearly sub-optimal workflow with incredible pain in every step.
  3. Computers could help.
  4. People are willing to pay to have it better.

If you have all three, you have the makings of an incredible B2B Startup. If you build a company that is worth a billion dollars, that is called a unicorn. I think I have stumbled across a situation that has all of those characteristics. This is the meat of the unicorn.

Maybe my analogy isn’t working. Don’t I need to make the unicorn before I can have meat? It’s like saying baby meat will help make a baby. Yeah, ok, I take it all back.

That situation where the task is incredibly painful. There is another word I use to describe it. A goat rodeo.

Look, not all blog posts are filled with wisdom and UX magic. Sometimes it’s just nonsense. Like this:

My first goat rodeo was in 1994. They wanted me to do a “mail blast” with a typewriter. A typewriter! I bought ACT Contact Management and print Avery Labels instead and used Word to do a mail merge for the letters. See, that’s a goat rodeo.

Whatya think?