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I just upgraded my machine at work to Vista Business. This is the first “upgrade” that I did. All of the others, I was forced to do a clean install.  The upgrade process went fine.  Maybe it took a little longer than hoped (2 hours).  Good thing I had other things to do.  I also upgraded to Photoshop CS3 and trying out Dreamweaver CS3.

The main thing that is striking in Adobe Photoshop CS3 is the absence of ImageReady.  I have been using ImageReady for a long, long time.  I am sad to see it go.  Someone wrote a nice eulogy. (He spelled it funny.)  I will miss ImageReady.  It launched fast.  It had everything I needed.  Now, there is the complexity of Photoshop.  Like I really need to be learning new stuff.

Oh, and I discovered a neat little program.  I am using the Windows Vista Sidebar.  It’s called Screen Snaper (Should be “Snapper” – What’s up with misspellings today?)  Anyway, it is a good free substitute for Snagit.  I do like Snagit, but free is free. 

The only thing wrong that I see is that Trillian is refusing to work.  Hmm.  I will give reviews later of Dreamweaver.  Prediction?  Total garbage.

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  1. “Elegíe” is a French spelling of “elegy”, which in turn is derived from the Greek word “elegos,” meaning a reflection on the death of someone/something or on sorrow in general. A “eulogy” is similar in modern culture in that it’s an oration usually reserved for talking about the dead, though strictly speaking a eulogy is just a speech honoring someone (it comes from Greek words meaning “good speech”).

    Since I’m being picky, I’ll have to concede that my blog post about ImageReady was more of a eulogy than an elegíe, but I like the word elegíe.

    BTW, if you thought Dreamweaver 8 was total garbage (and I did, at least on the Mac), you’re going to have the same opinion of Dreamweaver CS3. Because they’re pretty much exactly the same.

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