Uptime Stats – Consumers Unite!

I really have come to enjoy and appreciate the service SiteUptime. They will ping a site and keep track of whether it displays in a browser. The first site is free with 15 minute checks. For 5 bucks a month you get 3 sites at 5 minute intervals plus other checks. That is an AWESOME value for any business. I would suggest to any business out there to do the $5 a month. I have monitored this site with it for the past couple of months, as well as another site on MediaTemple.net. So far, MediaTemple has not been down. 100% uptime for me. On the other hand, LunarPages has been down for 5 minutes once every 2 weeks. Look at my statistics here. This is proof-pudding that LunarPages can not maintain even 3 nines. (99.9%). The best they can claim is 99% uptime.

I have to say, I am terribly disappointed in LunarPages. Sure, they are way better than PowWeb, but still, this sucks. Maybe next time I will try BlueHost? The problem with MediaTemple is that it’s twice as expensive, plus it uses Plesk as the admin system, which I really have grown to dislike. It’s unbelievably confusing. The UX guy on it screwed the pooch. It’s pretty, but the IA is completely unusable. They should switch to a left hand tree-structure to allow quick exploring to find what you are looking for, and an Ajax search bar to find the things based on keywords.

SiteUptime is monitoring 71,355 sites according to their own report. I give it an A+ for value.

If you have a site using another host, get SiteUptime for free (15 min check interval). Comment the Public stats page here with the name of the host. I think consumers have a right to see these real world stats.

Whatya think?