My head cold moved from my head to my throat. *cough*

DirecTV came over so that is fixed. I asked them to give me NY local stations. They are working on it. That way, I could watch the Jets without NFL Sunday Ticket. Hmm, I wonder if Comcast could do that. They told me they are launching a Tivo device that doesn’t need a phone line.

Meanwhile, Comcast cable modem, changed my IP on me. 🙁 So I had to change the DNS at Network Solutions and ZonEdit. I don’t want to pay for Dynamic DNS from DynDns. Plus my Sonicwall Tele3 doesn’t support Dynamic DNS. So I suppose I am just going to wait until SBC can give me a $5 phone line and then switch to DSL with a static IP.

Come on boys, finish the road already. It is so lame that we aren’t on the map.

Also, I noticed that the third floor telephone jack is dead and my Ethernet jack in the garage is still busted. We need to bring the “bench” to Penny’s. And we need to still clean up the playroom. Uncle Daniel is coming soon to visit. WooHoo!

Oh, last thing. We got a new fish last night. His/Her name is Halfspot. He is a fancy goldfish. He is half silver and half gold with a spot on the tail. So far Michael, our beta fish, has been a good host. I like the fish. Soothing.

Whatya think?