Walking in Bangalore, India

I recently spent a week in Bangalore, India for work. As usual, I looked at everything around me. I observed how the streets and sidewalks were built and how the design of the city affected the culture and usability.

Of course, I only saw a sliver of the whole city, but I noticed a few things. One was related to walk-ability. I found the design of the streets and sidewalks made it difficult to get around. They were often broken or had construction material on them. In some cases a giant tree blocked the whole sidewalk.

Common sidewalk impediment – the tree
Construction Debris on Sidealks

On the one hand, trees are good and construction is a sign of growth. On the other hand, a walking path could have been created to help pedestrians. A fenced area would do the trick quite easily.

Another strange impediment is the animals. There are living creates like cows and dogs (see video below) and also dead animals like birds. It made walking a bit more interesting for sure. Some of the cows had decorations for praying.

Cow walking in the streets

The streets were filled with cars and motorcycles. See video below. This made me anxious because there were very few stop signs or traffic lights. I often felt tense trying to cross the road. Also, notice how often they use the horn. I am sure, there were different beeps for different situations. For me, it was hard to understand what was happening and when I should cross.

The horns on the street go round and round

Construction seemed to be everywhere, but I noticed a strange thing. The scaffolding what not made out of metal.

Bangalore Scaffolding

Notice the bamboo strapped together to form a 10 story scaffold! I would be terrified working on it, but of course, I sit as a desk all day. Still, this seems to be a hazardous work environment. I also noticed large areas where garbage was on the street. This seemed problematic, but I don’t know the local politics on the issue.

The people I work with were nice and there were some interesting places to eat. However, the walking around made me tense. I wonder how much of what I saw was local to the area I was staying and how much is elsewhere in the city or country as a whole.

So many cities to see in the world. I have seen more in the last year than in the previous 50, I think. Exciting times!


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  1. Seeing a cow randomly walking down the street is wild! I feel like I want more of that in my life 😀

  2. As someone who lives in India for nearly a year, and traveled to many places there, I can say that your observations sync with much of what I saw and experienced throughout India. I enjoyed seeing it from your perspective through this post. Thanks for sharing!

  3. surbhi jain Avatar
    surbhi jain

    I love walking but you are right I hate walking in India. I was born in India and still living here. Been in mumbai for 9 years now and hate walking on the streets because of no proper pavements.

  4. I came walking some 800 meters up and another down to buy fruits while as the footoaths arent consistently found on the left, i keep turning around to see there arent speeding biked or scootrrd, but unfortunatey within 5 seconds after i turned my head straight, i found a delivery company just an inch away speeding like a fighter jet, i think the stress this creates is reducing the age of me

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