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Ok, so now there is a law somewhere in Europe that says that websites must disclose the use of cookies. I have one question:

Who seriously thought ANYONE would care or read those warnings?

Have we learned nothing from Apple’s Terms and Conditions? People do not understand. They do not care. This is just nonsense. We aren’t protecting people, we are protecting lawyers. That’s what this is about. It’s a money grab from lawyers to advise clients on how to comply with meaningless laws the same lawyers created. It’s a scam!

A family member is currently going through a divorce. I have been hearing about the court proceedings through the grapevine. Basically, it’s two lawyers maximizing their hours bringing up every single thing that has ever happened to the couple and their children. If the lawyers were paid a flat rate, you better believe they would find a way to settle in about 2 hours. They would not bring up one stupid detail if it didn’t mean more billings. The couple in question doesn’t have the money to pay the lawyers. The children aren’t benefiting from this process. No one is winning, except the lawyers. I have a friend who went through a divorce and lost most of their savings. No one got the money except the lawyers.

Again, lawyers create complicated systems so that lawyers can interpret those systems/laws and then bill tons of expensive hours.

The fact that every website has this cookie warning is just annoying from a UX standpoint. It doesn’t help consumers and doesn’t help protect privacy. It’s just nonsense.

Sorry, I’m a little triggered about this apparently. Maybe it’s the divorce stories and cookies are just me displacing my anger?  Nah, the cookies are stupid!

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