Where am I from?

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Ancestry.com has this chart to show me where I am from. (I sent in a sample of my spit)

The little orange dots are matches for other people with connections in my DNA. As you can see, I am Eastern European. My ancestors lived right in the middle Empire central. The Holy Roman Empire, The Ottoman Empire, The Austro-Hungarian Empire, The Russian Empire and the Third Reich in Germany all controlled this area for some period. My people probably gave up deciding what to call their country.  Today it would be modern Poland, Lithuania, and Belarus. My children are the first generation in my family to have a mixed heritage. They have Irish and German ancestry on their mother’s side.

It seems that cross-breeding is a slow process. Even if you move thousands of miles from your home, you are still likely to marry someone of the same heritage as you. We should mix it up more. Sameness is boring.

I come from a place that changed over and over and over again. I guess that is why I love change so much.


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