Why I go to work

Conversation from this morning:

Ethan asked, “Why do you have to go to work, daddy?” He clearly didn’t want me to go.

I told him that I go because they ask me to do a particular job there and if I do it, they give me money. We use the money to buy food and toys and clothes and pay for the house. All of those things are needed by our family. And If I don’t go, then we can’t have those things…no clothes, no house, no toys, no food.

I also mentioned (at Katie’s urging) that I chose a particular job that I enjoy. I chose a job that I am good at. I didn’t get into the idea that this is a luxury and not always possible.

The important thing I wanted to convey was a sense of the reality of the world. Money is required to live in society. The more of it, the better. But this doesn’t mean that everyone should be a banker. We have skills and we have aspirations. The important thing is to architect your life so that those skills and aspirations can earn you enough money to provide for a family sustenance and for occasional luxuries.

Money is the reason I go to work. I would much rather spend time with Ethan.

Whatya think?