WordPress 2.1.3 Upgrade

Again, the WordPress upgrade went without a hitch. This time I went from WP 2.1 to 2.1.3. It was simple and error free. Which is more than I can say for PowWeb. Their interface still thinks I am running 2.0 and gives an error when I try to “upgrade”. It also wont let me uninstall Drupal and Joomla, both of which I installed for Sean to test. I actually could use Drupal right about now. I was thinking of registering jsFrameworks.com and trying to make that site I was talking about. Although it wouldn’t be totally dynamic, I could just “solicit” the code and put it up. Who knows. 2.1.3 actually seems alot faster to me

Next week is Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco. I don’t think I am going. It looks too loud and expensive for me. However, Marketo has been great and pledged to send me to a conference I actually want to go to more anyway. Ajax Experience 2007. There will probably be a jQuery meetup. I’m excited for that. I submitted a proposal for a presentation to Ajax Experience, but I am not counting on it. It would be alot of pressure anyway.

I also got the Table of Contents to the book publisher. I hope it gets favorable feedback. My ego is weak and couldn’t take rejection.

Testing some WordPress Plugins.

Test jQuery

Scripts FAILED.
Code Highlighting: FAILED.

Scripts in WordPress still suck and break. And this code highlighting is terrible. I am going to try something different there.

Whatya think?