WordPress 6.1 – New Theme

WordPress just keeps getting better and better. I am now using the 2023 theme on top of WordPress 6.1. It has many nice features making vanilla WordPress of a full site editor. It certainly doesn’t have all the bells and whistles like Webflow or EditorX, but for my purposes (a content blog), it is quite easy to customize.

Historically, I have put enormous energy into custom CSS. Each release, my CSS gets thinner and the built in customization gets more sophisticated. I am still using Twentig to get a few features I need, but it is becoming less important.

The couple of things still missing (that I had to do manually) are:

  1. Background image manipulation
  2. Header pinning
  3. Bulk update of legacy -> blocks
  4. Box shadows
  5. Hover effects
  6. More interesting patterns without plugins

I have been a proud WordPress user for decades now. I see no reason to stop. They have done an excellent job of continuing to innovate and deliver new exciting features. If you are a young designer making a portfolio, I think WordPress is easily as good as any of the simpler competitors. Plus self-hosting can save you alot of money, assuming you keep the site up long term.

If you find any issues on the site, please let me know.


Whatya think?