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Normally, I try to post as little content about work as possible. Although this blog is designed for my kids to read when they are older, it is still accessible by the public and therefore I believe saying little about work is prudent. You never know how information persists. With that said…

Today is my last day working for Remend. I have been here about 1.5 years and have learned much about myself and others. I have become much stronger in JavaScript and knowledgeable about J2EE and a host of other technologies.

On Monday, I start working as a UI Designer and Prototyper for Intuit in their web group. Intuit is a big company and I am nervous about culture shock. I have been asked to do so many different kinds of things for 10 years and now I have the chance to focus on one specific area. I believe that User Experience is where my skills are strongest and I hope to grow my career in this area. I am hopeful that Intuit will be a long term home for me.

I have so many questions about my future. I feel similar to my first days of college. What will I learn? Will I fit in? Will I succeed? What does the future hold?

Lately, I have thought that my happiest times are when I am given problems to solve and the tools to solve them. The bigger and more complex the problem, the happier and more productive I become.

So many mixed emotions. I hope I have provided value to Remend in the past 18 months and I hope I can provide even more value to Intuit in the coming years. Wish me luck.



  1. You will do great! There is no doubt! This is just the next step in a long journey for you. Best of luck always. Yo Momma

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