Horizontal Menus

By | August 23, 2007

This is a great effect for a menu, with lots of easy customization.  It’s called LavaLamp. (jQuery Plugin)

I wonder if it could be made into a vertical menu.  I would use it on the top left of this page.

Sometimes, I marvel at the creativeness of some people.  This effect isn’t something I could come up with on my own, but it works perfectly.  I feel like the guy in Amadeus who is cursed with the ability to recognize genius, but not create it himself.

One thought on “Horizontal Menus

  1. Glen Lipka

    If Salieri had protected and mentored Mozart, championing his talents instead of coveting them, the world would have more miraculous music. Think of what Mozart could have produced if he had lived until 60? And Salieri would be a king maker instead of insane.


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