Mariah Carey, Songwriter

On American Idol last night, they had Mariah Careyas the star mentor.  One thing they said really shocked me.  Mariah has written almost all of her own songs.  This page says the same thing.  Additionally, Mariah has surpassed Elvis as the artist with the most number 1 singles.

Seriously??  18 number one hits?  That is unbelievable.  Why isn’t she considered one of the greatest singer-songwriters in the history of music?  John Lennon, Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, Kurt Cobain?  They are nothing comparred to Mariah!

I truly believe that if Mariah Carey was a man, she would be considered a genius.  Why do women get such diminished coverage?  I remember watching Shakira and how she has written tons of hits in multiple languages.  Sure, she is a star, but she is not called a phenom.  I thought she was awesome in her MTV special unplugged special.  Then she felt she had to lose weight and dye her hair blonde to make more money.  She and Mariah would not need to get boob jobs and diet to insanity if they were men.  They could be fat and bald and it would be ok.

Well, I didn’t think it before, but I have to include Mariah Carey from now on in all conversations about the greatest singer-songwriter artists in history.

UPDATE:  Hmmm.  The story gets a little blurrier.  I looked at each of her songs to find the writing credits.  She never seems to be listed alone.  Always with another person or group of people.  She is always listed first, but what does this mean?  Is she writing the songs or just the lyrics?  Is she writing the music or just collaborating with serious song-writers?  What is the dealy-yo?

How will I ever get clarity on this issue?  It is truly the conundrum of our age.

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