New LinkedIn UI is Slow

I don’t know how many people have the new UI in LinkedIn. I can’t seem to get out of it. (Yes, I tried)

  1. It’s slow af. Come on guys. You have buko resources. You should focus on speed, speed, speed. This is unacceptable.
  2. It’s ugly af. Look at the picture above. Seriously, is this an improvement? Looks lame to me. I hate the icons at the top.
  3. It’s confusing af. I don’t know where shit is anymore. I get used to stuff being in a particular spot. Stop moving it.

Congratulations LinkedIn! You hit the UX trifecta. Slow, ugly and confusing. Pat yourselves on the back while I struggle with this nonsense. This animated gif expressed my frustration well.

24 Replies to “New LinkedIn UI is Slow”

  1. I agree with your first point 100%. Slow as hell. The 2nd and 3rd… I hated the old clumsy UI, this is better for me, so opinion based. 🙂

  2. Yup. I know the old version wasn’t enormously popular, design-wise, but it was at least usable. I’m literally sitting here commenting on this whilst waiting for people’s profiles to load. Also, they should have sorted this out by now, since the roll-out was a few weeks ago. They’re screwing themselves here.

  3. I suggest that if you have premium and can actually live without it/work without it, then sign off. These changes are due to Microsoft buying LinkedIn, and there are probably long term plans on how to get more money for all the functionality that we have lost. The view of everything is on thing – the UI if you will – but the fact that the UX design sucks, that should not be acceptable. Stop giving them your money! Perhaps – just perhaps – then, they will consider changing things back. They gotta lose money on this for something to happen (because their users opionions obviously doesnt matter).

  4. What is with that annoying blue line on top that needs to slowly extend in both directions every time you click something?

  5. It is indeed very slow. I love how developers nowadays try to be hip and use every new framework that comes out of Github saying everything will be faster and the code is modular and is great, the best thing after sliced bread.

    Then we have sites that are slow AF and cumbersome to use…

  6. If you use Linkedin to submit to use a job, manage a company page or a group, you’ll see how awful and distrous UX you’ll get

  7. Using an older iPhone 4s, why do you have to write such poor code, you should be embarrassed all that money and only poor devs

  8. Totally unusable. 15 minutes just to upload and crop a new profile picture; 6-7 minutes to add a new project. What the hell.

  9. Speed sucks, Looking like its been hack by the recruiters who post their jobs but not want, anybody to apply for the same.

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