Product Idea: Competitive Analysis Software

Yesterday, the topic of competitive analysis came up.  I quickly Google’d the topic and realized that there was virtually nothing out there.  I am shocked that there isn’t a SaaS product that crawls the web gathering competitive analysis into one spot.  The UX would be pretty straight forward.  In fact, I quickly (15 minutes) whipped up a Balsamiq mockup of what it could be like.  Take a look see and click to get the full screen.

Notice specifically the column on the right is basically your product requirements spec.  The tool would gather information from all over the web on specific competitors.  Additionally, you could enter your own information like product videos or screenshots into the system.  I could imagine custom fields to allow for a product matrix to be built.

Something like would be a staple for almost every web-aware business.  You could charge between $100-$250 a month with no push-back at all.  I seriously think this product could be built in a relatively short time  (less than  year with a small team) and gain traction immediately.  It could be profitable very quickly.

Product Management is a tough trade to do very well.  Competitive analysis is key but often under-prioritized.  With a tool like this, a company could do a much better job of bringing new products to market.

If you do build it and make money, please drop some of those profits into the tip jar on the right.

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