The UX Firefox 3 beta 1

Mozilla has launched Firefox 3 into beta.  I quickly downloaded and installed it.  I realized this might be a mistake based on the fact that I need to use Firefox 2 for my development work.  Turns out there are two major problems, which caused me to uninstall the program almost immediately.

  1. I couldn’t run both Firefox 3 and Firefox 2 at the same time.  Haven’t we learned this lesson from Internet Explorer.  Developers need to run multiple versions at the same time to test.  Firefox 3 is clearly different in rendering, as I saw by quickly looking at our application in it.  So I will need to see both 2 and 3 at the same time to test.  Please do not make me launch a virtual machine for this.  Please be developer friendly.
  2. Firebug didn’t work.  None of the plugins worked.  I have become 100% dependant on firebug.  It is a developer’s dream come true.  It works so well, I can’t live without it.  Mozilla should incorporate firebug into it’s core development.  It is the best developer tool in existence, bar none.  But it didn’t work, nor did any other plugin.  I think this is a pretty bad thing.  Sure, the developers will make new versions, but couldn’t there be a converter or something?  My web developer toolbar also did not work.  I HAVE to have that.

So overall I gave the beta an F.  I can’t use it in it’s current form.  I don’t care what fancy cool new things it does.  I need the above two conditions to apply.  I use Firefox as my primary browser, but I am also a developer who needs to use what the audience is using. (All of them).

I am so sick of browser compatibility wars.  I don’t like the time I spend making shit work on different browsers.  It just puts me in a bad mood.  I will try Firefox 3 beta 2 when it’s released, but I desperately need both points above to enjoy the experience.

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