Windows 7 Blue Screen of Death

I was using WIndows 7, happy as a clam, when I got a several BSOD (Blue Screens of Death).   Turns out that there is some bug when the network adapter is trying to work too hard and runs out of something it needs and freaks out.  (Or something like that).

I updated my network card drivers, so maybe that will help.  I haven’t crashed since, but I also haven’t try to push the envelope.  Somewhere, I read that Avast was having issues with Windows 7.  So I uninstalled Avast and decided to install OneCare from Microsoft.  Guess what…OneCare is not supported on Windows 7.


Additionally, I am noticing some weird inconsistencies in the notification bar.  Trillian Astra is not showing up down there.  Otherwise, it’s not bad for beta 1.  Then again, I consider Windows 7 to be a glorified service pack on Vista.

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