Windows 7 Blue Screen of Death

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I was using WIndows 7, happy as a clam, when I got a several BSOD (Blue Screens of Death).   Turns out that there is some bug when the network adapter is trying to work too hard and runs out of something it needs and freaks out.  (Or something like that).

I updated my network card drivers, so maybe that will help.  I haven’t crashed since, but I also haven’t try to push the envelope.  Somewhere, I read that Avast was having issues with Windows 7.  So I uninstalled Avast and decided to install OneCare from Microsoft.  Guess what…OneCare is not supported on Windows 7.


Additionally, I am noticing some weird inconsistencies in the notification bar.  Trillian Astra is not showing up down there.  Otherwise, it’s not bad for beta 1.  Then again, I consider Windows 7 to be a glorified service pack on Vista.



  1. I had the same problem. Avast made it crash. I repplace Avast by AVG (the free version). No problem since then.

    But also, with havy network load, the blue screen arrives.

    I’v updated the network drivers without success.

  2. I seem to encounter the same problem, with heavy network load I seem to crash every time. Updated wireless usb adapter drivers, no fix. Windows 7 is not bad though, im sure MS will fix these bugs.

  3. Same problem here. I try to copy files onto/from my network storage attachment shared drive and all the sudden BSOD pops up restarting my computer. Also when I tried AVG free it helps, not on other computer that runs Kaspersky though. The one with AVG, heres a serious issue, while I copied files Onto NSA everything looked fine, like its working, no more BSODs but I found myself pretty freaked when I wanted to run documents I copied and there were none of em. So it seems that it did run as a Simultaneous copying. Too bad I moved the files, not just COPIED. Anyways, I dont blame windows 7 cuz LONGHORN is the best of the best.

  4. I have windows 7 on my computer. The first day I put it on my computer it was fine, but a few days later i got a BSOD when i tried running Call of Duty:World at War. and then i tried to start my computer again and it began bluescreening before i go to my desktop. but eventually i could get it to make it there safely. and it would run for a good amount of time and i would test it with C.O.D. again….BSOD simple fix dont play COD…but when my brother tried playing farmville on facebook it bluescreened several times. I put a few older games on it and it ran them with no problems at all. and now i am trying to find out why it keeps bluescreening while im trying to boot it up or shortly after it reaches the desktop…..any ideas?

  5. I got windows 7 on the new tx2z with no problems at all and ha been running it for like 2 months. The tablet gets less overheating and its super duper fast =). I have heard and also found out by my own experience that the blue screen comes up when you do the Error Checking in a secondary partition in your hard-drive.

  6. i do believe my network adaptor is the problem as well, so i just turned my wireless off and it loaded! before i turned my wi fi switch off i wass unable to log in at all.

  7. yep its got more bugs than zynga has got complaints lol. Avast made mine crash and fk u I had to reinstall, AVG wouldnt turn on and slowed booting up and everything else, when I uninstalled guess wot it worked perfectly. I know alot of ppl are having trouble booting to win 7 they need to sort this out currently I think the threat of my comp crashing and dying for ever is greater than the threatof a virus so i have no protection online lmao. Get this sorted microsoft!

  8. Firstly, I love win 7, but it still has issues. I’m runny the final release. I also ran the RC7100. I keep getting the BSOD on both. It hits at different times, in different situations, I think (I don’t really know so that hate if I’m way off) it is caused by a read/write error when running 64bit and 32 bit apps at the same time. It happens when I’m moving files, playing games, surfing the internet big time. I’m sure Microsoft will fix it, they always do. Still love the new O/S.

  9. Ohh yeah, Microsoft also offers a free Anti-Virus. AVG not working with Win 7 is really AVG’s fault, not Microsoft’s. Norton (and McAfee who I hate, but is free w/ my ISP) works fine on Win 7; along with many ofthers. I’m running Microsoft Security Essentials right now, with no issues.

  10. I’m using bitdefender with windows 7 and keep crashing when I leave the computer running for a couple hours. I start in safe mode afterwords and it says something about a blue screen error. Anyone know of a solution?

  11. … I’m in to Microsoft now for over $400 in OS installs and updates: for my Asus 64-bit system with 12 gigs of memory … that I paid $800 to build. Blue screen through a Vista upgrade from XP that cost me some personal data: blue screen into Windows 7 … had it all settled down until the latest Windows 7 update on Sunday: now anytime I use the internet, Blue screen: and twice Windows 7 has tried to ‘fix it self’ (with no danger to my personal data) and both times it lost itself completely:

    Every time THEY want me to upgrade I go down with loss of data or hard drive.

    Threads tell me to turn off ‘this in the BIOS’ … … it worked with Vista (crap that THAT was): so … now its MY fault that the install didn’t do the BIOS settings?

    —- took a few minutes to port to Linux that will let me run Windows as a virtual: in that same time friend did a hack-n-tosh: : last time I will every purchase a product from microsoft

  12. The Blue Screen of Death hit me when I was watching vids on on a released legal copy of Windows 7.

    A lot of browser windows opened at the time.

    Microsoft seems to be releasing a number of patches since the release.



  13. xp is for [censored] everywhere !
    vista was good and windows 7 is excellent
    you get blue screens cause ur components are made on a boat in taiwan..
    go buy a mac you [censored].. leave pc-s to experts..

  14. Edited above comment. Please, let’s keep it clean. Macs have issues, Windows have issues. Blue screen of death used to be an every day occurance. Now, it rarely ever happens. This post was originally created when Windows 7 was in Beta on hardware that specifically did not support it.

    Let’s just relax.

  15. After quite a lot of research I found that the extreme amount of blue screens in windows 7 reoccurred mostly in computers with 4 DIMM slots, especially in cases where more than one RAM chip is installed. When the additional RAM chip is removed the problem goes away completely. I also found that should the second chip be replaced the problem reoccurs unless the voltage supplied to the chips is heightened from that originally put in place. a change in voltage supply would therefore make the problem completely dissappear.

  16. First things first If you loose personal data during an upgrade it is your own fault… Ever here of backing up your data before making major changes. Microsoft tells you that every time and all the time. So loosing data is your on fault…. Points finger at Malcolm MacNiven

    Second Windows 7 really is Vista R2… Think i am joking haha i am not. You really think the marketing machine at Microsoft would let them call it Vista R2? LOL i hope not. I liked Vista but 7 does add the features that vista should have had. give me a pop up window on the task bar and not let me click on it shame shame….

    Anyways I remember when windows xp came out when all the problems started and people saying they was going to stay on 98… Again here we go with i am staying with xp good for you but when ya go to Walmart and the program you buy wont run on xp you will have to come over to vista/7.

    We demanded better and they gave it to us. So here it is bugs and all and in a year we will all be saying how bad xp was. It is just a vicious circle.

    Finally all you want to migrate to mac or linux good riddance to you see you at the local walmart store while i try to choose which program/game i want to play next on my windows 7 machine you can cry to me how there is no software worth using on your mac or linux… Besides isnt Mac now using pc hardware? Ya i thought so so go buy you a over priced pc and then tell my how much better it is to use…

  17. Hi there,

    I agree with almost everything “love 4 windows” has to say. I am currently running Linux and Windows 7 in a dual boot environment.

    The only thing I do not agree with is playing video games on Windows. Xbox 360 or PS3 on a 46-50″ TV is much much better.

    Unix is by far and wide the better OS here, although I do like Windows 7.

    The only thing my Linux environment cannot do that Windows 7 does is the gaming aspect. So you’ll see me at Walmart in the Xbox360 section 🙂

  18. Ohh and P.S. Nobody ever mentioned that hardware was an issue. Mac simply realized that intel based hardware is better. Thank god they also realized Unix is the better OS.


  19. hey friends.,
    i am actually able to boot up both windows vista and xp but when i boot windows 7 it actually installs fine but when the setup is updating the startup files it actually shows the blue screen….i was FRUSTRATED!!!…….

    i also did try to read forums but no proper reply……could you please give me a proper solution…..

    i also thought of formatting all the drives and repartitioning the disk…..
    is it a proper idea???..

    waiting for ur reply….THANKS IN ADVANCE 🙂

  20. when i play a game called crossfire (online multyplayer game) after a while the blue screen comes up with white writting.
    someone please help with this problem!

  21. I just got win7 home premium 64 bit. With it i added a 500gb new hard drive and 2 gb ram to the previous 2gb i got. I started getting BSOD’s. and also that annoying ‘the program stopped running’ on most applications. At first I tought it was the hardware but from what i read here it must be win 7. I also use avast which unfortunately i cannot use its best feature; boot scan on win 7. it crashed when i tried to check my 2nd disc for errors and games crash when they worked fine on XP. I had to replace my new 500gb drive because it wouldnt read it and i had like 200gb of info i almost lost. And mind you its not a cheap one its a top of the range samsung HD.
    I will try uninstalling avast and i will also try do a disc check using tune up maybe it doesnt effect the HD negatively. I will inslatt XP again on a 3rd HD i have and use if to play games. Mind you these games are like sf4, gears of war and all original windows live games.

  22. Hi Ive got got my niece a new laptop with windows 7 on it and till now it has been fine but the other day she got the BSOF 🙁 I have tryed running it in safe mode and it STILL happens. Can any of you help??? She has nothing saved that she hasnt got hard copys off and im temped to just put the disk in that came with it and restart it all but would this mean she lost word etc??
    I have tried to restore it to a point it worked at and it wont do it.
    If anyone can help please I would be forever greatful.
    Many Thanks xx

  23. I had blue screen issue while starting window 7, this isssue has been resolved after deselecting “ISTray” in Startup tab(start-> run->type “msconfig” -> go to startup tab -> remove selection of ISTray).


  24. Hi folks

    Windows 7 is a retake of XP with different shell capabilities eg – the appearance.
    sends files from one hard drive to a usb stick or w/e the exact same speed as XP Proffesional.

    running windows 7 on a motherboard made XP will also result in Page file overload and the blue screen of death will appear usually saying that its begining dump of physical memory (paged files and not enough RAM)
    Windows 7 has a few little bugs left in it so i advise folk to stick to either XP or Vista. also you may notice that there isnt a right lot of software out for 7 just yet. well not thats much use apart from eset nod 32 and avg and everest


  25. hey dudes,
    To remove the avast error thing in win 7, uninstall avast and install microsoft security essentials its a nice soft as far as security is concerned. 🙂

  26. I’m having all kinds of issues. I built this back in October and it worked fine until maybe 2 weeks ago. The only that I changed 2 weeks ago was monitors!
    But constant crashing, sometimes stuck in a re-boot loop, sometimes dumps to BSOD, sometimes not…. sometimes it boots up fine and there’s no issues! One time I was watching a Blu-ray and it kept shutting down in the middle of the movie. At one point I did a whole new install of Win7, only for it to continue. I thought it was AVG and replaced AVG w/ Avast. Still having the problem. I check the error logs but don’t really know what I’m looking at. I don’t know, everything worked fine for months and I didn’t change anything except monitors (LCDs actually, switched out a Vizio for a Samsung, via HDMI).

  27. Haai guys;

    I have allso the blue screen problem.
    My pc with windows 7 ultimate runned good for months , but this week , it crashed for 4 times orso..

    It hapens if i play a game (race driver GRID) or just do nothing…

    I recommend to switch the Ram moduls from your pc(i read it somewhere)

    I have allso the avg free & windows essentials.

    I hoped this can be fixed , i’m begging for windows 7 ultimate SP1.

    I will post back when i discover something new..

    ps(sorry for my english)

  28. I installed the HOTFIX that Wim Gabriels suggested above and now my computer is running fine!!…

    THANK YOU!… This was driving me crazy!!!!

  29. I’ve installed also the hotfix , but it didn’t worked for me , i reinstalled windows 7.

    I’ve turned my updates to off.

    Now there is no problem yet .. 🙂

  30. May be Just a coinsidence but since i altered the power save options, to leave the hibernation & Screen saver no more blue screen. update, turned the screen off option after 30 mins & still ok if i get a spare week or so i suppose i could go through allthe options lol

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