Write Less on your Website

I look at websites alot.  People I am recruiting, companies I interact with, even just for professional curiosity.  One of the key things I look at is the text.  I look to see if the text is written for web readers or for someone else.  My guideline is to make the text simple, sparse, to the point and colloquial/informal.

I recently had a chance to watch some people test a website using eye tracking software.  It was fascinating watching the eye read.  When a user is reading, you can see the eye go word by word by word.  When they get bored, you can see them start skipping words and then eventually skim/skip entire passages.  It’s like the brain is saying, “Yadda Yadda…I’m bored! Moving on!”

Even certain words literally would have the eye of the user refuse to finish the word.  Some simple-ish word like like “elaborate”.  The brain was like “E-lab-oh forget it I am moving on.”


If you want people to get value from your website, write your sentences shorter.  Get to the point.  Dumb it down with fewer big words. Eliminate the happy talk.

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Good point, I want just to add proceeding by a well structured articles using the model of “10 reasons to start …” or “X tips of howto…” really keeps the reader’s attention since he knows where and when he will reach the end of the article.
– The point concering long words, well here it depends on the reader him/herself since the brain can anticipate which word is reading. for a personal view english isn’t my mother language so I keep always the intention of meeting new words for my vocabulary.

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