802.16 Technology

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This is a “disruptive” technology. By this I mean that it will change the entire structure of how we currently deliver information from anywhere to anyone.

Current structure:
– Fiber Optic lines connect to copper lines to deliver phone service (long range).
– Same copper lines deliver sub T-1 internet access (10 foot range)
– Coaxial cable or satellite delivers television
– Radio towers deliver radio

The 802.16 way:
– Wireless access to television, video conferencing, ultra broadband internet access, radio and telephone within a 50 kilometer radius of a single tower.

This will allow a handheld device to give you free phone service with video conferencing, HDTV quality television, internet access, email and XM-style radio.

When…This will be reality in major metro areas by 2012.

Info Website
The 802.16 standard for 2-11 GHz is a wireless metropolitan area network (Wireless MAN) technology that provides broadband wireless connectivity to Fixed, Portable and Nomadic users. The ultimate complement to Wi-Fi, the WiMAX wireless MAN standard can be used to backhaul 802.11 hotspots and WLANs to the Internet, provide campus connectivity, and enable a wireless alternative to cable and DSL for last mile broadband access. It provides up to 50-kilometers of service area range, allows users to get broadband connectivity without needing direct line of sight with the base station, and provides total data rates of up to 280 Mbps per base station – a sufficient amount of bandwidth to simultaneously support hundreds of businesses with T1/E1-type connectivity and thousands of homes with DSL-type connectivity with a single base station.

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  1. Although this technology is cool, it will not make a significant difference in the way we live or work. It is just the step incremental step in the process of more efficient communications.

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