A Conversation with God

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I recently had a full conversation with God. Here is how it went down.

  • Me: God, why are people so mean to each other?
  • God: (silence) …
  • Me: Is it because we are evolved from aggressive primates and violence was always the answer in the jungle?
  • God:
  • Me: Or maybe it is because we don’t teach empathy in schools?
  • God:
  • Me: Or maybe the media is always filling our heads with stupid ideas like that we should always be afraid of people who don’t look like we do?
  • God:
  • Me: Why can’t you just stop it? Why can’t you make people be nice to each other? Aren’t you all powerful?
  • God:
  • Me: Are you listening God? Can’t you stop pain and suffering? Can’t you help us with Climate Change? How can you let school shootings happen? Why don’t you get involved? Don’t you care??!
  • God:
  • Me:
  • God:
  • Me: Is it because you don’t actually have the power to do anything?
  • God:
  • Me: Or maybe you don’t really exist?
  • God:
  • Me: Maybe this is all a test? Like, if we want to get to heaven, we need to solve our own problems. Like if you solve it for us, then we didn’t learn anything?
  • God:
  • Me: Give me a sign God. I need to know. I’ll tell you what…if I am right, that we need to solve our own problems without you, you just need to be silent for 10 seconds.
  • God: lol
  • Me: … damn it.

Faith is fine, I don’t begrudge people their religious points of view. However, I don’t think God is going come down and fix our healthcare system. God is not going to stop school shootings. Thoughts and prayers don’t help.

If we want Earth to be Heaven, we are going to have to make it better ourselves.


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