A New Device, 2011

There has been an explosion of different form factors on laptops, netbooks, tablets, smart phones and other internet connected devices like xBox, Roku, DirecTV, etc.  It’s nearly impossible to compare apples-to-apples.  What is someone to do when they have a specific situation and want to try and get the right device?

In the past 2 years, I have been unhappy about the device I use in meetings and have been looking for a substitute.  Here is a simple breakdown of my needs/persona:

  1. In frequent meetings (5-7 hours per day)
  2. Dual screen desktop PC, not used very often,  for Photoshop and thicker applications. (Can’t carry it with me)
  3. Have used Windows for 20+ years.
  4. Hate devices that are heavy
  5. Hate devices that get hot, especially on my lap
  6. Hate ugly things
  7. Most used functions are browser, PowerPoint and email.
  8. Don’t want it to break

I started off with a Asus eeePC Netbook.  This worked pretty well because it was lightweight.  Good battery life (6+ hours) and ran Windows 7, so overall I was happy.  I then got an iPad and switched to it for meetings.  It was MUCH lighter.  Lightness meant alot to me. However, I truly hate the email client on the iPad.  I hate typing on the screen.  I hate the remote desktop apps is has.  Overall, I really don’t like the device.

So I considered the MacBook Air.  It’s sexy as hell!  (Apparently is is frowned upon to lick the MacBook Air in the store!)  I was about to buy it when I saw the price tag.  $2,000 when it’s all decked out.  Plus, I started second-guessing the MacOS.  I know lots of people adore it.  However, they are so smug about it.  MacOS is unknown to me.  Do I really want to learn a new operating system now?  I decided to procrastinate and wait for something better.

I found something that inspired me enough and I bought it.  The Samsung Series 9 Notebook.  It’s not as sexy as the MacBook Air, but it is just as light and pretty sweet.  It’s got the specs I want and runs Windows.  Hopefully, it will not get too hot on my lap.

Did I make the right decision?  Who knows!  It’s impossible to compare things anymore.  There are too many form factors and too many options.  I will let you know how I like it as soon as it arrives.

One reply on “A New Device, 2011”

“It’s not as sexy as the MacBook Air?” What now? 😛

That’s relative — I think it’s just as sexy. And because it’s running Windows, it’s far more useful in the business world. 😉

Whatya think?