A New Host Maybe?

I have been feeling for quite some that the performance of my blog was dragging.  I just implemented a new plugin to do caching and it seems to help a little.  However, the internal tool, where I type and do publishing is slow as well.  Obviously, I want things to be speedy.

For the last 6+ years I have been a BlueHost.com customer.  They are cheap and had what I needed, so I didn’t complain.  The previous host Lunarpages.com was a nightmare.  Things went down and the UI was awful.  They may have improved, but they lost my business forever.

I created a support ticket and they responded that there is nothing they can/will do.  They said I had alot of plugins and therefore WordPress is slow.  I don’t buy it.  I think I am on a slow machine and they just hope I shut up.  They were polite, but they didn’t solve my problem.  The blog is slower than I  think is appropriate for my setup.

To find out, I am going to try to setup a MediaTemple GS account.  I will put my blog on it and test the performance.  If the same number of plugins performs better,  I will switch.  Then it becomes a massive pain in the butt to do a host switch.  Ugh.  I am not looking forward to that.

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@Kaj: I don’t understand their pricing. How do you figure out how much it will be??

@Drew: My main impediment is the time to set everything up. I will try and find the time soon.

This is a bit dated, but relevant I think: http://bit.ly/aGMAsd
See also: http://bit.ly/eJxb0b

Having said that, I finally needed dedicated control panels for the 16+ domains I host. I played with Linode for a month after leaving WebFaction. It was awesome/crazy fast. As great as that was, I didn’t have time to maintain it.

I’m back at Media Temple, but using a (dv). So far, so good. The performance is acceptable, and Plesk 11 is adequate. A 512MB (dv) works fine if you disable some unneeded services (they have a good KB article on it), and keep an eye on your usage. I’d recommend a 1GB setup though, provided you can afford it.

Good luck Glen. Switching hosts is a tough decision, time consuming, and fraught with trouble. I’ve been through six now, and can never seem to settle down.

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